Best email signature for Gmail

Best email signatures works with webmail – Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

Email, the killer application has been out for years now. Hotmail and Yahoo are the pioneers of webmail or web-based email. Gmail has came on strong in the 2000′s and has the most subscribers. All three email sites have one thing in common, no easy way to add an stylish email signature. Until now you had to create simple email signatures within each email site. Now there is a new web-based email signature program that allows you to create exciting, dynamic email signatures and add email stationery to all your emails for a “branded” look for all of your emails.

The email software can be found here www.Sigwich .com. The software has several great features.

With Sigwich you can create several different email signatures. For instance you may have a work signature with your work information. You can create another totally different signature for your personal address and emails. Using Sigwich you can add personality to your hotmail signature or use different signatures based on the nature of the email. You can add different fields to your Gmail signature as needed. Customized fields include:

1. Custom Salutation/Greeting
2. Your Name and Title
3. Company Name
4. Website
5. Email
6. Telephone Number
7. Mobile Phone Number
8. Company Address
9. Social Network Icons including FaceBook, LinkedIn, and dozens more
10. Company Logo
11. Your personal Tagline
12. Email legal Disclaimer

Sigwich adds much needed color to web-mail accounts with optional email stationery. The program comes with 3 totally different signature template to electrify your email. The program is so advanced that any web link (your company’s webpage for instance) or social network icon(Twitter or YouTube) is live. If a person clicks the social network icon in your signature they will be transported directly to your Twitter stream or YouTube channel.

Sigwich works with the three major browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

The program also works well with Outlook on your desktop.
You can use Sigwich to modify your hotmail signature regardless of the browser you use to access your email.

Sigwich is a one of a kind program for creating professional quality emails “branded’ with your information. Studies have shown that a well crafted signature can attract attention to not only your email but your company and products as well. Sigwich is FREE! You have to create an account to use the powerful program however the flavor and pizazz it generates is well worth it.

Creating your new signature file is easy.
1. First create your free account.
2. Decorate your signature file quickly with the Signature Maker.
3. Craft customized signature by adding the features you want .
4. Complete editing your signature.
5. Click save and download your customized file to your computer
6. Install it.
7. When you open Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail, your signature will automatically be inserted into your emails!

The program is very easy to use and the email signature files you can create using the program are impressive. If you want to “brand” your company emails or add pizazz to your personal emails the Sigwich Signature Maker is the tool for you.